Battlefield 2042 brings classes back to the game in update

Battlefield 2042 brings classes back to the game in update
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DICE says that “we will be reworking various menus and screens in the game to make sure Classes are prominent and to give you the best experience when choosing who to play as and what loadout to set up.”
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In case you didn’t know, battlefield 2042 it is a game that was released in the middle of a pandemic with no side close enough design work or testing is being done for such a flagship release. Our final reminder of this comes in the form of an update. what will it do kinda undo one of its main selling points at launch.

2042 did a big deal before the release of its new “Specialists,” hero-like characters with flexible loadouts that would replace the series’ tried-and-tested “Class” system (multiplayer FPS archetypes like ‘Recon’ and ‘Assault’). Those specialists were wildly unpopular with long-time fans, both for their gameplay implications and their design. and while the latter is already being addressed it seems that the developers of DICE have been convinced to rework the first one as well.

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In a big update released by the development teamit’s revealed that they’ve “started work on a massive overhaul of the way you’ll play specialists”, which will essentially split the difference between the traditional system and 2042 use of specialists. Hero characters will remain, but will be assigned to class levels (see above), with the use of some devices restricted between classes to “ensure class identity is more pronounced.” Therefore, only recon players will be able to use a SOFLAM, for example, while medical boxes will only be available to support players. As someone who runs Mackay (in the ‘Assault’ class) but uses SOFLAM a lot which sucks, but I guess we’ll see how it all plays out once the changes go into effect (which won’t be for a while as DICE says which won’t be until season 3).

Other changes coming in and around Season 2 will be three new weapons (two main weapons and one hand), as well as updates to two of the game’s launch maps, Renewal and Orbital, which come along with another completely new map. DICE will also start adding some “vault” weapons to the main game, which are weapons from time travel. Portal gameplay, as well as continuing the visual update for all specialists, specifically ‘Changes in voices, body posture and facial expression’.

You can check out the full list of changes and additions before and as part of future updates. hereor in the video below.

battlefield 2042 | Development Update: August 2022

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