Marvel is reportedly working on a new game and IP with EA

Marvel is reportedly working on a new game and IP with EA
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Supposedly, EA could be working on a new Marvel game. It is unknown at this time which Marvel IP will be getting their own game, but fans can speculate as to who might appear in the game in the future.

Marvel has had a number of success stories when it comes to video game adaptations of their famous comic book characters, just look marvel spider man, Marvel Guardians of the GalaxyY Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. These three games are available in the List of additional PlayStation Plus games for PS Plus Premium and Extra subscribers. But according to a new rumor, maybe another Marvel IP will join the ranks of these three big games, and no, it’s not. Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

To update: The source didn’t mention any platforms and adjustments have been made accordingly, though it’s safe to assume that if the game exists and ever releases, PS5 would be a bare minimum.

Could this Marvel IP focus on iconic characters like Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange?

wonders midnight sunsThere are so many Marvel characters that deserve their own video game

As reported by Tech4Gamersabout him Xbox Age PodcastNick Baker, a well-known industry expert, spoke about electronic arts creating a new Marvel IP. However, he didn’t reveal much in terms of which IP it is or which EA studio might be working on the project.

“Out of the blue, this new source sent me a DM the other day, saying, ‘Oi, EA is making a Marvel game.’ I do not can [say more] – because he mentioned what it would probably be about (what IP it would be about) – and I can’t even give any hints. I’m bad at giving clues without revealing things.”

No platforms were mentioned, but it’s safe to assume the current generation is on the table. Nick Baker also points out that he should have passed the rumor on to other sources before putting it on the podcast. It’s also worth offering that since EA hasn’t officially announced any of this, take a few pinches of salt, regardless of whether Baker is known for hitting the nail on the head more often than not.

guardians of the galaxy trailerWhat iconic character would you like to see in a video game?

If this information turns out to be true, Marvel could have another award-winning game on their hands, just like most recent releases, let’s forget about marvel avengers, Must? Seeing EA attached to the project is a bit concerning as they haven’t had the best track record when it comes to gaming in recent years: Anthem any? But let’s not forget the success stories of two are required Y Star Wars Jedi Fallen Orderproof that EA can still knock it out of the park.

It will be interesting to see which EA studio ends up working on this big project if it is real. EA Montreal either EA Vancouver They could be possible candidates to take the lead of this unknown Marvel IP; However, it could be even more interesting if an EA study like bioware I was going to take the reins. Imagine a Marvel game with the same deep story and interactions we got to see from the likes of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. BioWare is obviously very busy with the next dragon age game, which we now know is titled dragon age dreadwolf and the next mass effect game, which everyone calls Mass Effect 4 by now. So the chances of BioWare working on this project are pretty low, but we can wait.

New Features in Mass Effect Legendary EditionGarrus is the legend and the hero we all deserve

With so little information to go on, we were really left in the dark. For now, all we can do is hope that EA makes some sort of announcement in the near future. I won’t hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon. If this turns out to be true, I’d love to play a game about Scarlet Witch or, my favorite Marvel character, Elektra. That could be a decent R-rated heavy hitter from Marvel, just like the PS4 Deadpool play.

Marvel is currently at an all-time high in the movie industry, with blockbusters left, right, and center. It makes sense that Marvel would want to capitalize on their success and continue to build on that momentum, so creating more video games is a fantastic idea. What do you think of this rumour? Which Marvel character would you like to see in their own game? Also, tell me how much you love Garus in the comments below!

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