My Summer Vacation premieres in English

My Summer Vacation premieres in English
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Crayon Shin-chan

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Last year, a game was released on the Nintendo Switch in Japan called Crayon Shin-chan: Pray to Hakase no Natsuyasumi (Crayon Shin-chan: My summer vacation with the teacher). A cross between the legendary manga Crayon Shin-chan and the long-term My summer holidays video game series, it looked slow and fun and laid-back and everything you’d want from a game with an emphasis on, well, a summer vacation.

Here is the 2021 trailer for the Japanese release:

レンンちゃん『ラと博士の休休な [Nintendo Direct 2021.2.18]

It looks lovely, right? Kazu Ayabe, director of the main series, was also in charge of this game, and the addition of more contemporary visuals (the first game was on PS1 and the most recent on PSP) only made things look even prettier. Like any other game in the main My summer holidays series, we all assumed this would be a Japan-only release, but it turns out we were all wrong in the best possible way.

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Image: millennium kitchen

Earlier today it was announced that not only is Crayon Shin-chan: Pray to Hakase no Natsuyasumi now it’s coming to PlayStation 4, but it’s also being translated into several Western languages, which obviously includes English, but also German, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you’re wondering just how these games work, they’re about playing through a kid’s summer vacation. You walk around a sleepy town, talk to people, play some minigames and just generally hang out. As the game’s new English-language website says:

Enjoy the feeling of Japan in the height of summer. Wander beneath the wide open skies and listen to the sound of cicadas ringing through the mountains and the gentle babbling of brooks as they wind through the greenery. It’s an experience that’ll instantly have you nostalgic for Japanese summer.

The international release of Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi will be out in August on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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