Nier Automata players lose their minds over the secret room that no one can enter

Nier Automata players lose their minds over the secret room that no one can enter
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NieR: Automata players are collectively losing their minds over a room. It is not just any room: no one, except apparently one person, has been able to access it. Even the player who discovered the vault doesn’t seem to know how to get in, which makes everything more confusing.

It makes some sense that NieR: Automata it’s still full of secrets, given that the base game, a totemic action RPG from PlatinumGames, is enigmatic enough on its own before you factor in the messiness of fan intervention. First released in 2017, NieR: Automata it required you to play it multiple times to unlock its many endings. Also, you can see one of those endings. how to eat a fish. weird game!

Yesterday, modder and data miner Lance McDonald posted a clip on Twitter showing a player entering a room in the Copy City, an area in NieR: Automata known for its Bavarian architecture and absence of color. “No one else has figured out how they managed to make this secret door appear,” McDonald wrote. The video has garnered more than two million views on Twitter; here is the original:

While the secret is currently exploding on social media, it’s all been going on for about two months now, fueled by a cryptic series of Reddit posts from user Sadfutago. (Sadfutago did not respond to Kotakurequest for comments.)

“Hello, how do you open the church?”, Sadfutago wrote on the incredibly niche (190 members) r/NieRFanart subreddit two months ago. Hello, I’m new to reddit and I want to know how to open the church in Nier’Automata [sic].”

Nobody answered.

A month later, Sadfutago Posted the same query again.this time in NieR: AutomataLess niche dedicated subreddit (19,000 members). The players were incredulous but helpful.

“Can you describe the building you are asking about a little more? There really isn’t a ‘church’ that I can remember,” wrote one. “I don’t think you can enter any buildings in the copied city. We are going to need some screenshots,” replied another. Sadfutago asked if there was a photo button on Reddit and then shared a link to a page on Imgur, the popular photo-sharing platform, that Two screenshots shown of NieR: Automata the demi-protagonist A2 standing in a sparsely decorated church, a setting previously unknown in the game.

Nobody answered.

Sadfutago then took primary definitely not niche (168,000 members) nier subreddit series, posting a videoshot vertically with a cell phone, showing the location of this church: the back wall of the courtyard that serves as the camera for the boss fight in automataCopied city level. The clip cuts just as A2 enters the room.

People responded this time, but many of the most prominent messages focused on questioning the veracity of the clip. A person “calls[ed] BS.” Another noted that the footage shown so far was very thin: the two screenshots were framed from a conveniently obfuscated perspective, the single clip of video evidence was cut off at single the right time, and why was the video shot through a cell phone and not, say, game capture software anyway?

During the weekend, Sadfutago published a video clip which closes all those queries. Over the course of 45 seconds, A2 enters an antechamber, descends a several-story-high staircase, and walks down a grayscale hallway that leads to LotRstyle twin doors, behind which is the church.

Some skeptics raised the possibility that this is all a very sophisticated mod, but, as McDonald pointed out on Twitter, NieR: Automata it does not allow you to modify the environment until this point. Plus, a follow clip contains never-before-heard dialogue from A2, not the kind of thing modders could easily get their hands on. Everything is possible, of course, but there is there is a minimally small probability that this discovery is the result of a mod. This morning, nier Produced by Yosuke Saitō weighed on Twitterwriting, “Eternal mystery…”

This latest discovery comes nearly two years later. NieR: Automata players found the secret “end” of the game. Last January, modder and dataminer Lance McDonald cracked open what was then believed to be the game’s “ending” secret: a hidden hack buried in the game’s code that essentially allows you to jump right to the ending. NieR: Automata Director (and notorious prankster) Yoko Taro suggested that it was the last thing players had yet to discover in the game. write cryptically “Three years and 10 months” on Twitter, a reference to how long it had been, at that point, since NieR: Automata he left. one of the officials automata twitter accounts Also he said the “final secret” had been found. nierThe ‘s community widely accepted that McDonald had found the final secret of the game.

Result: No.

Like the players of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are still making new discoveries—open “unopenable” chests, supercharge custom weapons—half a decade after its launch, NieR: Automata has proven to be a source of fascinating discoveries. I’m glad the players aren’t done playing it yet.

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