Nintendo is considering “various initiatives” and “further enhancements” for the Switch Online service

Nintendo is considering "various initiatives" and "further enhancements" for the Switch Online service
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Earlier this week, Nintendo’s latest financial report revealed that Switch Online subscriptions had now “topped” 36 million paid memberships, an increase of around four million subscribers compared to the previous year.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa was also asked about the future of the service, explaining how Nintendo is “considering various initiatives” as well as “further enhancements to the content of the service” to keep players coming back for more. Here’s the full exchange from Nintendo’s Q&A roundup:

What kinds of initiatives are you considering to further increase the number of Nintendo Switch Online members and bolster the enthusiasm of existing members?

Furukawa: “As of September 2022, the number of paid members of Nintendo Switch Online has exceeded 36 million. While there are some users who choose not to renew their memberships once they expire, the number of members is increasing overall, along with the rise of people playing Nintendo Switch and online play compatible titles In addition, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, which we started last year, accounts for a growing proportion of overall memberships thanks in part to the addition of Nintendo 64 titles.

“The goal of Nintendo Switch Online as a Service is to help users enjoy playing games on Nintendo Switch for a long time, which is why we are considering several initiatives, including additional improvements to the content of the service. As we discussed in today’s presentation, our El Our goal is to continue to use Nintendo Account to maintain positive and lasting relationships with our consumers. In line with this strategy, we see Nintendo Switch Online as our initiative to encourage our users to continue enjoying Nintendo Switch for many years to come.”

Although Nintendo revealed the total increase in Switch Online subscribers, it did not break out the exact number of Expansion Pack users. The Expansion Pack level adds the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive library, as well as additional game content.

The latest batch of N64 titles was announced in September, revealing titles like mario party, pilot wings 64, pokemon stadiumand even the return of Rare’s legendary first-person shooter Golden Eye 007.

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