Pokémon Go Finally Adds Kecleon at Chespin Community Day

Pokémon Go Finally Adds Kecleon at Chespin Community Day
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After a wait of five years and two months, and with surprisingly little fanfare, pokemon go developer Niantic has finally brought Kecleon to the gotta-catch-em-all mobile game. Kecleon is available to catch Pokemon Go after the conclusion of Saturday Chespin Community Daywhich operates from 2 to 5 pm local time.

Players from countries like New Zealand and Australia, where Chespin Community Day has already come and gone, reported that they were able to catch Kecleon after the event concluded. Kecleon seems to be something rare in pokemon goappearing only in some PokéStops.

Kecleon’s arrival is a big problem for pokemon go finalists, who have not been able to complete their Hoenn Pokédex to date. Kecleon has been an unusual obstacle, even for pokemon go Hoenn Region Pokémon Standards — featured in Ruby Pokemon Y Sapphire – were Originally added to the mobile game as of October 2017. Since then, 134 Hoenn Pokémon have been released. pokemon go, with players waiting 1908 days for 135 to complete their regional Pokédex. Players will no longer see that giant, glaring “352” in their Pokédex.

pokemon go Gamers have bugged Niantic about Kecleon, aka the color-changing Pokemon, for years. The developer generally responded to questions about Kecleon’s absence by saying that he was waiting for the right time and the right implementation to bring the Normal-type Pokémon to Go. Last year, Live Game Director Michael Steranka said USA Today, “In the main series games, Kecleon has a unique ability. There are certain Pokémon that we want to make sure that we want to do well. Before we introduce Kecleon to the world, we want to make sure that the way we present it is special.”

So how did Niantic make Kecleon’s debut in pokemon go… special?

How to catch Kecleon in Pokémon Go

After Chespin Community Day ends, players will find Kecleon at PokéStops, seemingly randomly. Players will need to tap on a PokéStop to see if Kecleon is there; the Pokémon will be barely visible, but its characteristic jagged red marking is unmistakable. When players attempt to spin a PokéStop Disc with a Kecleon, they will receive the message: “There is an invisible obstacle in your path. It prevents you from collecting items…” Kecleon will then “jump” off the PokéStop disc and appear on the in-game world map. Kecleon can be caught like any other pokemon go meet

Now that we can (and know how) to catch Kecleon, the other obvious question is… why did it take so long? That’s something Niantic hasn’t commented on yet, but Kecleon’s long-awaited appearance pokemon go It comes at a seemingly odd time. Kecleon jumped the Hoenn Throwback Challenge in 2020 and the Hoenn Celebration Event in 2021, and some players expected the Pokémon to appear in Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn next month in Las Vegas. But ticket holders and attendees of that event may get access to another coveted catch, Shiny Kecleon, which has yet to be confirmed to be in pokemon go.

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