Promised changes for Destiny players fed up with repeated content

Promised changes for Destiny players fed up with repeated content
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Key art for Season of the Seraph shows an exominous Guardians clock running through the same recycled content over and over again.

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fate 2The latest season of ‘s just dropped earlier this week, and players are already feeling it. super bummed about that. In many ways, it feels like another skin on the same hamster wheel we’ve been running on for years, and the burnout is more real than ever. The good news is that Bungie says that he listens to feedback. The bad news is that it will take about a year for the MMO space tanker that is fate 2 to turn in a new direction.

“I just wanted to chime in and say: I’ve heard the feedback loud and clear with our current season backbones,” said Game Director Joe Blackburn, tweeted yesterday. “The team is excited to put a little more creative risk into the seasonal progressions, but it will be some time before feedback catches up with the development cycle.”

he went to preview upcoming exchange rates Players can look forward to helping refresh the five-year-old loot shooter. Some, like Guardian Ranks and the cyberpunk city Neomuna, will arrive in February’s big new expansion, Lightfall. Others, such as new systems for seasonal progression and “newer activity settings[s]”, will arrive in season 21 and beyond next June. “On the seasonal quest side, our main focus is to reduce complexity and improve synergy between your seasonal activities and the rest of the game,” Blackburn wrote.

Though vague and slangy, the comments are directed at very real feelings of frustration and burnout in the Destiny community. Since Bungie moved away from discrete DLC updates to a constant seasonal rotation Funded by battle passes and microtransactions, the game has benefited from a constant stream of new content, but has also struggled to break new ground.

every new season starts with a story mission. Players then get a Season Artifact, upgrade it by buffing the new Season Activity, and slowly unlock new Season Mods, Power Ups, and Battle Pass Ranks. Story content and update progress are closed week by week. Around week eight, the narrative wraps up until the final story beat drops sometime near the end of the season. So Groundhog Day starts all over again.

It was fine for the first couple of expansions, but as each new season rolled around with flashy new character reveals but minimal changes to the underlying structure, it all started to wear down a lot. The history and the weapons. they are great. Everything that connects them it’s a drag. i reached my limit during the summer. A growing chorus of other gamers have started to get fed up more recently. fate 2 hit her the lowest player count in the last monthAnd despite some new content to dive into with Season of Seraph, player morale remains very low.

light fall, as Blackburn alludes to, will certainly change people’s moods. 2022 witch queen I was exceptional in many ways, and next year’s expansion looks very promising too, complete with overhauled social features and a magical new hook. But the seasonal model was aimed at making the game feel fresh all year long, not just for the few weeks after a new DLC. While the repetitive and straightforward approach Bungie has taken thus far is understandable from a production standpoint, it’s clear that the upcoming seasons need to take more risks if they are to survive.

Although it looks like it could be a while until that happens. “There are still news, thematic variety and new ways to progress your character reaching Destiny over the next few months”, Blackburn tweeted. “But as we work to use this feedback in our future releases, I wanted to make sure everyone knows your words aren’t falling on deaf ears.”

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