Sony announces ‘customizable’ PS5 DualSense controller model

Sony announces 'customizable' PS5 DualSense controller model
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Two DualSense Edge controllers float side by side on key art.

Image: Sony

Sony announced a new model for its popular PlayStation 5 DualSense controller at Gamescom today. Called the DualSense Edge, Gamescom presenter Geoff Keighley described it as a “high-performance, ultra-customizable” gamepad.

Of all the things that marked the launch of the PS5, few impressed more than the DualSense. Not only does it have weight that wasn’t present in its predecessor, the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4, but it also has impressive haptics throughout, including pressure-sensitive triggers.

In games like the action roguelike Housemarque return, you could literally feel the controller noise with the cadence of a drizzle in rainy sections. For Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, when you went to swing through the avenues of New York City, you could feel the triggers tighten when you reached the apex. And some people recommended getting cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 over Xbox Series X/S solely on the strength of its incorporation of DualSense haptic capabilities.

But the DualSense wasn’t perfect. Shortly after the launch of the PS5, players reported issues with drift— essentially, the thumbsticks act on their own without player input — and those fixes were a pain. Today’s brief trailer for the DualSense Edge showed a cross-section of the controller’s control sticks.

The new DualSense Edge will feature “customized control profiles, tailored to your style of play,” Keighley said. in a blog postSony explained that: you can reassign button inputs and dead zones, and save multiple profiles for different users. You’ll also be able to completely replace the stick modules, which should fix any lingering controller drift issues, and you can swap out the stick caps and back buttons.

Also, it features a snazzy jet black touch pad. (About a year after the release of the PS5, Sony unveiled official jet black console coversalong with a handful in other colors). In some ways, the DualSense Edge sounds like Sony’s answer to Xbox’s highly customizable Elite controller. Considered one of the best gamepads on the market, The Elite Series 2 retails for $179.

Sony did not announce a release date or a price for the DualSense Edge.

Update, 2:50 p.m. ET: This post has been updated to reflect additional details that became available after the reveal.

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