Steam Dev Banned From Forums By Valve For ‘Abusive’ Comments

Steam Dev Banned From Forums By Valve For 'Abusive' Comments
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A screenshot of the game Domina has the floor "Forbidden" stamped on it in bold red letters.“.

Screenshot: Dolphin Barn Incorporated / Kotaku

Facing criticism of your own creative work can be challenging. I should know. But when responding to criticism involves, well, slamming into marginalized communities or launching random, unrelated political tirades that recklessly bash people trying to stay healthy and safe during the ongoing pandemic, that’s crossing a line according to Valve. This has been the situation of the developer behind the Steam game dominateDolphin Barn Incorporated, which recently ran into trouble after Valve responded to “abusive” developer actions and continued misbehavior on the platform.

described by pc gamer As theleast nice developer on steam“Dolphin Barn Incorporated has repeatedly gotten into embarrassing and horrible situations around its game dominate, a pixel gladiator simulator that was released in 2017. Known for responding to negative feedback with bigoted political views that were also featured in the patch notes, Dolphin Barn received a ban from the Steam community forums of their own. play. Valve highlighted offensive behavior that included “insulting or insulting another user” and a “general trend with abusive messages being sent when banning players. [the game’s] center.” These decisions come a few years later. Valve switched to a more hands-off moderation policy on Steamdeciding to only comment on the content that the company considers “illegal or direct”.

Kotaku has reached out to Valve for comment on this situation and its moderation policies.

As reported by eurogamer weekend Dolphin Barn Incorporated took to Twitter to share the news of your ban dominateSteam community forums, where a warning stated that this was the ‘second time one of [its] posts violate [Valve’s] discussion rules and guidelines.’ Weather the insertion of absurd anti-mask rants about grocery stores and anti-trans rants in the patch notes they’ve earned the developer well-earned reviews, that’s not necessarily what’s gotten them in trouble with Valve this time around. Rather, his hostile and errant behavior on the Steam community forums when responding to player criticism is largely what is under scrutiny.

Dolphin Barn Incorporated Steam Account reveals your forum posting history, which includes calling people”The spiteful c word”, amid accusations that those who have criticized the DLC are posting “Fraudulent reviews.” The developer has decided to ban users on the Steam community forum who have raised this issue and has, at numerous points, called people “r* delayed,” “betas“persons accused of being”deteriorated, inferior and useless” “totally illiterate,” “cowards.” the developer random quote bible passagesmaintains that they are working”Oh my Godand has been loosely compared to “Socrates, Jesus of Nazareth” and “Galileo.” He too at one point i told someone that “if you want me to chew your breakfast and [fuck] your girlfriend for you too, send me your address.” They also make continual references to centurions and armies.

Kotaku has reached out to Dolphin Barn Incorporated for comment on this situation.

In response to the latest actions Valve has taken against Dolphin Barn, the developer posted an update on Steam with the distressing title “DONE.” Here he repeats the accusations of “dozens of fraudulent reviews”. dominatespeculates on the genitalia of those who issued the ban and casts doubt on whether the game will receive future updates on the platform.

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