Susan Miller Monthly News – July 2022

Susan Miller Monthly News - July 2022
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Dear reader,

July will be such an encouraging sweet month. You will see that you can do many things because the little planets will sing in harmony as they travel through the heavens. As July progresses, the month just gets better and better. There is a light and breezy quality to July, and I hope you can find ways to make the most of it after reading my forecast.

Readers have started to notice that I quietly joined the new social media platform called Discord, which will help us all navigate Web 3.0 together. I invite you to join me there, it’s easier for me to see your questions than on other platforms. I will continue to post thoughts on Twitter (@astrologyZone), Instagram (@astrologyzone), and Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Discord is a free service that’s packed with features, but for now we’ll start off slow and easy. I will have my own community on Discord and I will have my own “server” called AstrologyZone.

I’m adding Discord (#astrologyzone/discord) for several important reasons. Discord’s structure can help us more easily build a strong, close and loving community. On Discord, I want to hear your most pressing concerns and also hear how the current planetary configurations are playing out in your life.

Discord is divided into different “servers”, but you can think of the servers as “communities”. My server is AstrologyZone. When you first log into Discord, you will be prompted to create a username and verify yourself to become a member of our group. This way we know that you are not a bot but a real person.

Next, you’ll mark your Sun sign or, alternatively, your Ascendant (also called your Rising sign; the words are interchangeable). Although your Sun sign and Ascendant are equally important, for now you can only choose one or the other. Lots of new features are coming, but as we get started, we need to keep things understandable and easy.

Your choice will automatically place you in one of four subsets of our group (called “channels” by Discord). Think of channels as rooms. Currently, we have four rooms divided by the elements: Fire, Air, Earth or Water. If you were born on a cusp and feel like you were placed in the wrong room, we’ll help you get to the right room. For now, while I’ve felt more comfortable in the general room, that might change as we get older.

You can communicate by text, audio, video or through live events. You will be able to post photos, your birth chart or drawings, or you can even jump, in real time, and say some things in the audio channel. In the meantime, our group will continue to organize and support each other.

The Discord app for smartphones is fantastic, and the app for your computer is also very good. Alternatively, you can just go to on the internet. However, apps are always safer and more convenient than going online, so I suggest you get a Discord app for your phone. It’s free.

Discord’s audience is largely made up of male users (about 80%), so this gives me, and you, the opportunity to hear about topics that men are currently focused on. I want to know what men find maddening, what they wish they could change, and what parts of life they want to keep the same. I invite men to talk about dating, commitment, and what it feels like to be a modern man. This can improve communication between men and women, I hope so! For each participant, and that’s you, I also want to hear about your successes, as we all need to be inspired by the good news.

Learning about Web 3.0, I feel the same excitement that I felt when I first heard about the Internet and started my website in 1995. It is my mission and I wish to create a strong group here where we can exchange information and you can enjoy making new friends. We can learn from each other and at the same time just hang out for fun. Astrology can show you ways to keep growing, no matter your age, and it can also help you reach your full potential.

I’ve asked my lead moderator, Isis Djata, to make sure our community members are kind to each other and always feel safe and welcome. I think you will love the atmosphere we will maintain. Discord gives us the tools that allow us to create order and warmth between us.

If you (like me) are new to Discord, I highly recommend watching an introductory video on YouTube. I’ve looked at several, and my favorite short tutorial is from Eagle Garrett, “What is Discord? A beginner’s guide on how to use Discord.”

Together we will embark on a great adventure as we enter Web 3.0. Come, you won’t want to miss a minute!

Now on to another topic, my new app “Moonlight Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller” which just dropped on the Apple App Store and Google Play in June – search for “Moonlight Phases”. If you search just for “Moonlight”, you will see that there are many apps with that name which, of course, have nothing to do with the lunar void. When you get to my “Moonlight Phases of the Moon”, you will see me in my white blouse. No other app is similar to mine.

You may be wondering when the moon empties, of course, and why you should care. The moon is the fastest moving celestial body in our solar system. Each month it travels through all 12 signs in 29 to 30 days. In doing so, the beautiful moon has conversations with almost every planet in a single month, whether conjunct, trine, square, oppose, or sextile. When the moon finishes meeting with the planets, she will retire to her dresser and rest. That’s when the moon empties, of course. The moon will no longer be empty when it re-emerges in a new zodiac sign, and I’ll let you know when that will happen too.

During the time that the graceful moon is catching up on her restful sleep, there isn’t much productivity here on Earth. You need to pay attention to empty periods because it’s not a time to do anything important: don’t have a big job interview, the first date, a new product launch, a house closing, you get the idea.

If a major media outlet writes to us and asks for an interview, I first have my assistant check the Moonlight app and make sure the moon isn’t empty when we schedule the interview. If so, the interview would come to nothing. If you buy a plane ticket with a null moon, you will likely have to change it later and may incur more costs.

The app I designed for you has many features, and the most important one is to tell you precisely when the moon will empty, of course. The moon may not be empty at all on a particular day, and on other days the soft moon might be empty for many hours or only for a few minutes. I have seen when the moon is zero all day. Every day is different and unique that’s why you will use this app every day to check the moon news.

I will tell you what sign the moon is in and also suggest activities that are perfect for you to do when the moon is empty.

Until now it has been almost impossible to know when the moon is empty. There are tables of numbers on the Internet, but after you find them, you need to convert them to your time zone. That is not necessary when I use my app. We fix your precise location by GPS, so if you travel, your app will give you accurate information wherever you are on the planet.

My app “Moonlight Phases of the Moon” costs 7.99 and is a one time purchase (not a subscription) that will take you to the year 2050. The app will also tell you which sign the moon will visit on that day and will tell you if the moon will change direction. sign and precisely the hour in which it will happen. I have written suggestions for activities that are perfect to do when the moon is in each of the 12 signs. I also talk about full moons, new moons, and the other six phases of the moon and what those phases mean to you. This app took three years to develop and first I had to teach my engineers astrology. It is beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

“Moonlight Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller” does not replace my award-winning app, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone by Susan Miller”, but adds a whole new layer to it. My classic Daily Horoscope app reveals both your daily horoscope for each sign and my 12 monthly forecasts, uncut and in full.

You can get this app with a short daily forecast for free, and if you want to upgrade to the premium version (as most people do), it’s an in-app purchase under Go Shopping. The premium paid version of the app will give you much more detailed daily information and costs about $1.00 a week for subscription, $4.99 a month. (There are other options for longer subscriptions with a 15% discount.) $1.00 a week costs much less than your morning cup of coffee and will provide you with great value.

My costs are increasing, so the free version of my app will soon have ads, but only the ones we think you’ll find interesting (I have a long list of ads we won’t accept and reject). You will never see ads in the premium paid version of my app at 4.99 per month. This app also incorporates GPS to give you your forecast for the correct day as this app is loved by English speaking readers all over the world.

Finally, for my international readers, I promised them next year 2022 that I had written for Instyle and Beauty Box. It is now available on Kindle and on in many international formats and also in PDF format. It costs $7.99 and is only available digitally, not paperback or hardcover. If you had my year ahead 2022 in the beauty box, by necessity you had to take out a lot of material that I had written. As a result, my brochure was only 58 small pages long (I had written 50,000 words just for the next year part). Now you can see the full manuscript with all the dates I suggest.

The part of the book that I feel is worth the price is my 9,300-word chapter titled “The Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction,” which occurred on December 21, 2021, and will change life as we know it for the next 200 years. That chapter is at the beginning of the book. I’m giving you a detailed look at what’s coming so you can get excited, as it’s nothing like we’ve seen in the last 200 years!

Go to (it has nothing to do with baby books):

Or Kindle on Amazon:

Or just get it from the Apple “Books” app on your iPhone or iPad.

I have many more surprises to tell you about next month, so stay tuned dear readers!

To be honest.


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