Tencent and Sony Acquire 30% of Elden Ring Maker Software

Tencent and Sony Acquire 30% of Elden Ring Maker Software
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The Adjudicator boss in Demon's Souls lolls his tongue at a silhouetted figure.

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elden ring it wasn’t just a hit with fans of FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult action RPGs. Today, Tencent Holdings and Sony announced that they acquired 30% of the souls-series developer shares, split in favor of Tencent. FromSoftware is expected to earn $260 million from the deal.

from today Announcement of FromSoft’s parent company, Kadokawa revealed that Sony and Tencent will acquire 14.09% and 16.25% of FromSoft, respectively. The statement indicates that Kadokawa wants FromSoftware to be able to expand its development efforts; Kadokawa sees the “improvement of capabilities for the creation, development and deployment of [FromSoft] Game IP as one of the [Kadokawa] The highest priorities of the group.”

One of the goals is to give FromSoft the necessary resources to growing up elden ring in a franchise that extends beyond video games.

elden ring was a long time coming, building on a foundation first established in FromSoftware’s pioneering 2009 PS3 game. the souls of the devil. A set of three spiritual sequels in the form of Dark souls trilogy, as well as two other similar titles (blood borne Y sekiro), certainly broadened the audience for these difficult and cryptic action RPGs. But none have reached a critical mass like elden ringwhich best selling family names I like it Obligations and led to viral transmission sensations Y hype that single No To die.

Tencent, a Shanghai-based conglomerate, has continued its trend of investments and acquisitions. It’s owns 5% of assassin’s Creed Y Very far ubisoft Publisher, completed an acquisition of League of Legends‘Developer Riot Games, owns 40% of Epic Gamesand has shares in Many, Many, Many, Many other game companies. What Polygon gradesalso owns 5% of Activision Blizzard, which will be transferred to Microsoft if that megacorporation remarkable attempt to acquire the Obligations clear editor regulatory review.

Sony has also been on a spending spree too, though it looks a bit more modest compared to Tencent. Perhaps most notably, Sony acquired Bungie, once affiliated with Microsoft for $3.6 billion in January. The home of PlayStation too made a move to acquire Bluepoint, the studio that made a name for itself with critically acclaimed remakes. sony too invested a billion dollars in Epic Games back in april.

Anyway, maybe FromSoft can use the new money to add easy mode so I can finally finish the damn things.

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