Tesla Semi looks amazing as an electric motorhome

Tesla Semi looks amazing as an electric motorhome
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Tesla Semi could make an awesome electric RV based on the specs Tesla released this week and how awesome these renders of the electric truck look as an RV.

There is something about the idea of ​​an all-electric and solar-powered RV that is extremely appealing to many people.

During the day, you drive emission-free and can power your life with the same battery pack that moves you. At night, you can charge to do it again the next day.

With solar power, you can also take the entire experience off the grid.

There are a few electric RV projects looking to provide that kind of experience for customers, but most of them are still in the works. concept stage or have a very limited scope.

We recently reported on the new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter have impressive enough specs to potentially allow for an electric “truck life”, but what if you need or want something bigger?

Tesla Semi could be an interesting platform for an electric motorhome.

The team of jowuaan interior accessories manufacturer, thought about it while watching the production version of the Tesla Semi unveiled this week and decided to build renders of what a Tesla Semi motorhome might look like:

Tesla Semi-Motorhome

It has a pretty badass look to it and the electric pickup like specs to back that look up.

The biggest problem with most electric motorhome projects right now is that they are limited in scope. For example, Winnebago built its own full-size electric motorhome, but it only has 125 miles of range.

With the presentation of the production version this week, Tesla confirmed that the Tesla Semi has a battery of approximately 900 kWh and it can travel more than 500 miles with a full load of 82,000 pounds total.

And the Tesla Semi would likely achieve even greater range as an RV, since it would likely weigh less than 82,000 pounds. Some of today’s heaviest 40+ foot motorhomes rarely weigh more than 50,000 pounds. The Tesla Semi is heavier than most Class 8 trucks, but there should be a way to build an RV on the bed and keep the weight under 70,000 pounds, which should result in efficiency gains.

You can likely drive over 600 miles in a single day in a Tesla Semi without charging and then charge overnight. You can cover impressive distances in just a few days. All without emissions.

Jowua also produced a rendering of the interior of his vision of a Tesla Semi motorhome:

It would probably require some cooperation from Tesla, but there should be a way to power the live features of the RV from the powertrain’s battery pack. Add some deployable solar panels for when you’re parked for long periods of time and you’re on business.

If Tesla doesn’t, I’m sure other companies will decide to build electric motorhomes based on the Tesla Semi, not unlike what Cyberlandr is trying to do with the Tesla Cybertruck.

In the same vein, the famous DJ and music producer Deadmau5 said that he Buy a Tesla Semi and turn it into a traveling music studio.

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